Valeriana officinalis L. s.l.


- Radix Valeriana - The Greeks and Romans called it 'Phu' or 'Fu', Dioscorides & Pliny describe it as wild nard (Valeriana celtica is a substitute for Spikenard). The 11th c Anglo Saxons knew it and in Salerno it was known as Valeriana, Amantilla and Fu synonymously. In 1450 Saladinus in Ascoli in Italy directs the collection of the roots in August (Compendium Aromatarorium - Bonon - 1488). In England it was called 'Setwall' (Gerard) and used in pottage in the 16th c; Scandinavian names include Velandrot (Vandal's root) and Denemarcha (Denmark's grass). Uses - stimulant and anti spasmodic (Fluckiger & Hanbury 1885)